About me


Alice Titley

Please contact me through email.   alicetitley216@gmail.com

I have created this website to show my ideas, designs and thoughts. 


I am an ambitious, friendly third year student who is extremely passionate about Interior design. My passion stems from seeing weird and wonderful designs that really impact a space and the people within. I believe that design should not just be about what looks aesthetically pleasing, but a space that can be used to alter and create moods and feelings for users. I am passionate about being able to design and create spaces that can really impact an individual and also make them think ‘wow’. My Philosophy to design is creating environments using features and theories that have been proven to create a sensory reaction.  I want to demonstrate that senses can be stimulated without the use of ‘bubble tubes’ and features that are usually found in multi-sensory design environments. I want to prove that sensory design can be incorporated within everyday environments such as bars, shops and restaurants in simple and exciting ways.

Whilst studying Spatial Design at Liverpool John Moores university and understanding the design process, I have found that the most rewarding aspect of design is looking at the final design proposal that has been produced from the brief and feeling a sense of achievement by completing the task as best as possible. Through studying about design, learning the skills that need to be used to create quality designs and what is needed to produce a great design proposal, I personally believe that my strengths include being able to deliver a range of ideas that are shown through detailed and perspective drawings.  This means that I am able to produce hand drawings using a range of skills such as scale, perspective and colouring techniques in order to create eye catching and clear visuals.  Doing this can be a great way to show final drawings to clients as they show the in-depth detail and give a great understanding of the design intent.  I also believe that I can create high quality auto- cad drawings. After researching into different areas of design, I have found that I would be best suited working within the hospitality, commercial and residential sectors of interior design. I believe that I am best suited to these areas due to my passion and interest for design in these areas as well as the range of skills I have been able to develop through University.

I am unique with my designs, and love to be challenged with new and interesting briefs. I am comfortable working with Computer aided design and have experience in AutoCad, Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketchup. I have completed many projects whilst at university using these programmes. Also, I am confident with perspective drawings, I have good spatial awareness and I am keen to improve my skills.

My other skills include:

  • Completing technical drawings to scale.
  • Understanding projects and retaining information.
  • Producing work to high standard.
  • Addressing problems that may occur and finding the best solution.
  • Ability to develop sketches into more detailed drawings.
  • Prioritizing my work.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to learn.
  • Great presentation skills